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Hilfiger - Members

From customers to members

Tommy Hilfiger & Gigi Hadid

Role – designer/creative


- From customers to members

Tommy Hilfiger gave us the unique opportunity to take a dominant role in moving fashion closer to the consumer. We created a strong and rich narrative to welcome our audience to the world of Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadids new collection, by bringing it to life in various ways across platforms online and offline. Get on board, this is how we are changing fashion. 


01 - Sparking a conversation

By creating a chatbot from scratch up we were bridging the gap between the moment of inspiration and the desire to shop., we dripped small bits and pieces of behind the scenes footage of a hands on Gigi Hadid alongside head designers, and of course the man himself. Users could then sign up with a real benefit of staying in the loop and getting information before the launch of the collection.


02 - Create and curate

When the collection was about to launch, we extended the concept of chatting with Gigi, this time through a fun 'swipe-and-curate' mechanic where users could easily explore the collection through swiping left or right. This all was gathered in your personal lookbook which Gigi shipped off to you, notifying on the day of arrival when your pieces was available for purchasing.


03 - Meet and greet

Gigi is truly a person that never rests on her laurels. Soon after launching her collection, she reached out to all her friends across the globe. Giving them all the pieces from her collection, asking them to show Gigi how they are wearing it.To start off the tour, Gigi visited Berlin in search of inspiration and style-moments which made up for a digital lookbook available for members.

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04 - Lets celebrate together

As New York Fashion Week approached, it was time to invite our members for a celebration worthy of those being with us on this journey so far. Breaking down the barriers of fashion week, we wanted Tommy and Gigi to truly democratise fashion in its simplest sense - turning the show into a fashion festival, where the front-row was reserved for the members. The festival housed digital experiences and the chance of the audience to shop the looks as it literarily walked down the catwalk infront of them.