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Hilfiger - Co Creation

Co creation

Tommy Hilfiger & Co Creation

Role – designer / creative


- A collection made by members

To democratise fashion has been a part of why Tommy Hilfiger exists. We always had a dream to see how far we truly could take democratisation when launching a new collection. With the SS17 collection around the corner we put Tommy Hilfigers members in the driving seat to co-create the collection with Tommy Hilfiger. It was a great chance to give the tools to the members and ask them the question: What do you like?


Decisions, decisions, decisions.

The mechanic was simple. We got influencers to model all of the options, through both social and a web-app we both listened and decided as members went through all the options and then decided their piece for the collection. The web-app hosted a rich mobile experience where the heart was the central decision-mechanic. 

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Your hearts have decided

From beginning to end, the decisions was short and intense. In each category: Bomber jackets, jeans, hoodies and the polos - one winner got decided, anounced and made available for all of our members.